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    where are you casting your rod 



    do we as individuals cast our stigma out to sea; like a fly on the end of a rod, by sitting at the end of our own deck? or are we playing the joker and don’t really know that we are in pawn ourselves?

    is trauma such a curse that waking from such a spell is an invitation to unpack wisdom and insight from each moment of opportunity?



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    Harnessing Technology to Improve Mental Health 

    And then I read this ….

    University of Sydney cross-disciplinary researchers are harnessing the benefits offered by advances in online technology to develop innovative programs improving mental health in young people.

    Associate Professor Rafael Calvo, director of the Software Engineering Group at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering and Professor Ian Hickie, Director of the Brain and Mind Research Institute, are collaborating with the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (Young and Well CRC) to develop new online interventions to support young people’s mental health. …. http://anzmh.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/harnessing-technology-to-improve-mental.html

    and this has been my experience,

    17 years (pre 2013)  ago I started experimenting with social media to find others who had the time to make the effort to interface & learn about themselves in different ways.  I learnt things I could never have learnt any other way. Without going into intellectualized language the simplicity was. I needed to explore and examine facets of me to fulfil the rewards of living my life ‘worthwhile’.  The strengths I have emassed have excelled learning’s I have had, otherwise – and contributed so far.
    I have noticed, shaped & organised my positive attributes of resilience, empathy, curiosity, optimism & gratitude in a way that synchronizes the preferred life for me.
    Anyone who has the courage to live their life on purpose moves unbarred in the universe in accord with one another. Thank you Michelle Barton for your invite to Link in.

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    a conversation with the universe 

    And you think you know how it is that you can realize it’s me.  Who am I if only an experience.  My introduction into the thought pathway of choice.

    self tak

    Just recently involved in an experience where competing opportunities have emassed further potential for noticing different variables that could potentially compromise the over-arching or “global” work that I do.

    I had an opportunity to examine a role that integrated my vision & passion whilst realizing simultaneously the competing complexities, at the time when offered an interview.  Is it about me – or is it about the integration of energies shifting in the sands of time.  Reflection.

    Convergence.   A distributed replacement for the ambiguity that was mine to co-create.  The universe rung out alarm bells as I pushed open the the mystic doors & walked into the space having organized my thoughts and decided such choices in a way that butted up to bookend my decisional capacities at the time.  I could have added energy and generated shifted  emotions as transference that could have morphed.  The butterfly affect.  I asked myself, the trade-offs? the pay-offs? – a temporary due of competing values.

    Simple reflections in the walk of life are an invitation.  However – mindful moments of  deconstruction, the complex reflections occur.  The anatomy of destiny is revealed in ways I couldn’t forsee.   Well, another week.  I visited Holdfast bay, the geography of the south and had the pleasure of learning with others in an environment where the mutual exchange of energy distinguished the capacity of which I now have in my sHow bag of experience.

    I learn what I believe as I hear myself speak‘.


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    Nature has learned to evolve – Why haven’t we? 

    The more I become aware of my own ability the more I notice that the values of recovery are micro-pinned by sub-elements that cascade into foci that are transformational in the practice of the mental health – peer pathway. I was reading these underpinning social inclusion values; developed by the Scottish Human Services Trust the other day (link here http://goo.gl/YZ9lI). We need to recognise, encourage and value each person’s contributions – I don’t live in a world where everyone is like me.

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    Homework – yea right.  Well, this is quite amusing to me, why? well, that is a ponder down wonderosa lane.  Actually, I am participating in some training that is around the induction process of an organisation I work for.

    Having the induction manual is fine, well and great.  But, having an additional Reading Guide? na – I thought that was for later (like, much later!).  Wrong.  It’s for interpretation, reflection and opinionation of my thoughtation as to how what I think the reading is trying to tell me.

    Funnily enough, the reading is entitled “relationship between therapeutic homework and clinical outcomes for individuals with severe mental illness”.  Now, don’t get me wrong here – I thought I was going to be brain-numbed over this task related homework activity.

    Finding my hope insight, I realised that by my own fascination to determine what it is that something is trying to tell me, I also understand that – this is my homework around how useful a therapeutic alliance can actually be with information! ha ha ha … funny me.  Well, it’s no illusion – just a collusion of misrepresented dis-illusional pre-occupations around – can I do this stuff?  I don’t do homework – do I?

    Anyway! here I am , understanding the purpose and the true motivator behind my confidence in action – resilience, resistance and persistence.  It shows me, I guess that even when I don’t want to do something, that I can – and how rude I am reviewing outcomes by producing my own results.  Not just here – but as a shared responsibility within the organisation I work for.

    As you might interpret, but not assume – I am no academic; I am an intuit working with how I hear, how I manage & how I live an authentic life!



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      From resistance with persistence builds a therapeutic alliance towards resilience….. well worth the effort !!

      Homework never looked so appealing to me as it has today :)

      Well thought of Sharon!

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    Welcome to Country 

    Today was no ordinary day.  It never is.  To develop discrepancy is about understanding where the motivation is for the journey & how the behaving might get in the way of the learning.  Fancy terminology for saying,   “how do I figure this out”.  Just how much time to I have to translate big words – I am a working Mum,  simple works here.

    Today was about acknowledging how my motivation translates into the experiences I have.

    I listened to two aboriginal women today who did Welcome to Country.  I learned that the Elder does the Welcome and the other one does the Acknowledgement.  I leant this is because the acknowledger respects the wisdom of the elder.

    Everytime I have heard Welcome to Country I have wondered what it might be like if it was done by people who’s people; are the people.  Well, today was the day.

    I am pleased that to hear the wisdom of the past through the interpretation of my intuition.  My spiritual pathway is one that is evolving because of the knowingness to connect with that which I accept as a gift – in this lifetime.

    And to think, that was once called Schizophrenia!

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    It’s Afterwards … Post! 

    I had a conversation yesterday that made me feel anxious to be a part of, I didn’t realize why until I thought about how my initial choice had given pregnant pauses to many other choices I could have been a participant of – if, only I had of noticed!

    A choice to be involved is one thing, a choice to negotiate in which that involvement could look like … is another.

    I am talking about being involved with the Courier Mail and an interview that came through various links until it panned out as an image being taken with the Minister of Mental Health, Disabilities and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander partnerships yesterday.

    It’s not like I can say, oh, I had a broken leg.  It’s about more than the external stuff; it’s more about the internal stuff that isn’t seen – so how might it be heard?Talking about post-natal depression and how it is to become “why” it was ….. certainly wasn’t about – why did it happen to me?  but more about, it DID happen to me and what did I learn from the experience?

    Kind of a weird conundrum when most things can be described because of the old adage – seeing is believing – sort of knocks the poop out of someone because how do you do that when thoughts don’t come dressed as a broken limb? I had a broken head instead.

    Well, it starts here.  Having the courage to talk about “how having severe post natal depression” changed me? Well, actually it made me recognize that I was living in denial for a start.  I had this really beefed up confidence that I could manage a baby and manage myself.  Boy, how manic–  I had been living the ideology that all my thoughts would actually support me when the baby arrived.  Little did I realize (at the time) that all those thoughts were infact my mind trying to prepare myself for the future – (what a slap in the face)! … I couldn’t live in the past, preparing for the future whilst trying to appreciate now.

    The possible story running in the Sunday Courier Mail 9th October 2011 for Mental Health Week 2011, will link social media and post-natal-depression.  Why? …  because my life was significantly changed when I was diagnosed with PND, no-one really had the time to lend an ear – they had their own lives, their own issues and their own journey – and I had to find the catalyst to explore mine.   So I started sharing conversation online with ICQ, an instant messenger application, (long before Yahoo & Facebook were around).  It was comforting, because people had the time …  and they were in the same space I was in.  An evolving space of trust, fear, ideas and technology.

    No tone, no sound, no volume, no intonation, no physical energy to collide with – just text-on-screen.

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