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    Watching the Stream of Consciousness 

    Last night I had a shot of confidence, I went to bed and woke up …

    It’s Sunday,  I have been wondering whether to stop registration for my http://www.idaremyidea.com website.  But, I don’t have to decide that until October 2012 – so what the fundamental.  Here I am.  Watching the stream of consciousness … ha ha.

    Yesterday I went to a store where the service was less than “great” and knowing that I could get on Facebook and pooh pooh them – I paused to consider, what’s the point in that? I decided to have the conversation with the sales assistant, which – I might add that after 5 minutes there were 3 sales assistants assisting me with the decision I had to make.  I found it extremely irritating because they started to fight between themselves about the information that they were sharing with me.  I was getting a sense that this wasn’t the store for me.  So I said, you know what boys – I am going elsewhere, I don’t like the conflicting information.  So my daughter and I trod off.  Stupid, annoying and a waste of time.

    Now it’s Sunday (because the last paragraph happened on Saturday) and I am typing away furiously because I have also noticed that when people say things about me it makes me ruminate (well, it makes me think about how I can squeeze out the good stuff from the wierd stuff) – so ruminate, what a psychotic word.  Ha ha, so yes, I have also decided that when I share something about myself to someone else that if it comes back to me a few times (re-engineered in another space and time, totally out of context and from far left field) I am going to laugh and be thankful that this person loves my movie.

    Another thing I wanted to share was; and here we are … ! …. on about services again … BUT,  customer services are really hairy scary sometimes! … why? because they are so stuck in their own past that they don’t know how to connect with the present – the present meaning – possible sales! cash register strumming up dollar$- um hello, wouldn’t you think that companies these days have a Drucker head on them?!  anyways … don’t take shite, realize the illusion whilst it’s happening.

    Talk about watching the stream of consciousness … so if any of you are reading this and wonder what happens next,  don’t regurgitate my past – surf the urge not to do it!!! – unless of course you like my movie ;0)


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    The continuation of learning to be curious sometimes makes another learn to hate why 

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    Easter Sunday 2010 

    Thinking about the surrounds of hisNewEarth22tory that abounds the day of now and paying importance to the active word “rising”.

    A wise owl is known to rise at night; is this because the owl knows that attunement to thinking freely is essential without the restrictions of mankind’s daily world?

    Is the day today indicative of a paradigm that supports sustainability of true mankind? The rising from rest with the awareness that this in itself is a momental occasion because it has been?

    Sometimes I think mankind take for granted the present unconsciously – without understanding and acknowledging the true essence of awakening as rising & being grateful for awakening to another day of an “anything is possible” attitude.

    Was this past his story a conceivable path to enlightenment for us today?  There will be a significant portion of humanity that will have a conscious recollection of what this day means – but …. what about all the other days?  Is the message much greater than we have the time to think?

    If we blessed ourselves with the conscious acceptance that we rise, we breathe – from rest we become the reality that the past has greater plans for us “now”?easterlyshadow

    The picture is taken from the east – doesn’t the west appear large? Or is it illusion? I think as humanity one must be very mindful of this paradigm in action.

    A rising from the East from her perspective.

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    A Rude Culture Shock? the all butt naked truth? 


    As I was emailing an expression of interest & out of interest I happened to see a @612brisbane tweet flash by my page asking questions to listeners about “what age do we leave our children alone at home” – my response was automatically coupled by the page I turned in local paper moments before – so I scanned it and these are the thoughts that I have as type.

    Does it matter what age we leave our children alone? look what is happening by bringing information into the home! do we care enough about how information is expressed? in which format? in which area? this scares me this image;  I am only too happy that these children are not mine on this page! my daughter was horrified when I asked her opinion of the news upon the page.

    If these children were mine? what would I do? The minding of the frame is just terribly wrong here – it sends incongruent messages and we wonder why children grow up messed up?

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    Protection Seekers – Arn’t we All? 

    Does it really matter why they are coming to Australia when we understand what they are chttp://museumvictoria.com.au/pages/9778/mn009820.gifoming for? Protection … some think they are coming here to get a job … a job to them is a beginning to provide protection … isn’t protection what everyone requires; but may not be aware of? No protection then no freedom; they haven’t even got freedom of voice because of the language bridge.

    The public should start investing in government homes with secure rental schemes.  Local communities need more resources into mental health before the physical state of the country & it’s people are equally depressed; these people will not be able to pay for psychologists, they won’t even know how to help themselves through a mechanism that exists to support emotional damage – these people are already traumatized; this will take a while to work out when people here begin to understand what they are saying because of the language diversity.

    Educate the public through the media & the children by introducing more diversity within their education environment and expose them to different cultures earlier so integration can provide sustainability for the future.  Because there will be more waiting offshore.

    Aylum seekers, Protection seekers, Immigrants – are they not all looking for a better life? for protection from that which is not making life happy? don’t forget – what country or life that is left is sometimes  just the shell of the egg.

    “Where there is no vision, there is no hope”

    By George Washington Carver

    Picture of George Washington Carver taked by F...
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    How many times is Sorry heard? is sorry not heard? or is sorry waiting to be heard?

    Who cares.  The thing is sorry belongs to children who do things and don’t understand what could become of them; sorry is accepted as a form of acknowledgement.  Sorry is the system that adults should use as a benchmark to provide children with solution skills; more time sitting with them talking – yarning about actions and reactions; about reactions then response – to me, this is a responsible version of parenting.  But I guess if sorry isn’t taught in the right context we could be a long time waiting for this to become the majority rules.

    Sorry is the pre-cursor to – I acted; it didn’t appear to be right – although I don’t know why it wasn’t right.  Sorry then becomes the formal mechanism that we as parents or carers should identify as a “trigger” that more information is required to reinforce the learning and understanding in our children.

    This smacking is cruel – it’s so mean.  They say it is necessary to quieten things down.  Well, I wonder how the noise was started – if it needs violence to quieten it? who is the frustrated one? more so than not; if a psychologist was present that person would enlighten you to the fact that the parent is the one with the frustration – marked as denial; but waiting to escape through the act of yet another blow to a child.  Whether that be verbal or non-verbal.  It’s an easy out for a parent that cannot behave him/herself!

    My parents used to hit me – I won’t begin to say with what and how once I was knocked out.  Funnily enough – I knew it was my parents that needed help – I was the one who copped the release of their anger.  If someone had been there to help my parents I would have had so many different learning potentials.

    Sorry coming from an adult is only good when it is returned with a choice to the person affected to provide a solution instead of hear “sorry” again.  Sorry to some people means nothing to others it’s a key to open a new door & unlearn limits to freedom in evolution.

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    Careful Work in a Narrow Field 

    Two RDNS staff and a client
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    I am not a contemporary thinker –why do you think that? – it is a blessing to have those in life that do challenge ways of being; not criticizing or analyzing just wonderizing.  I woke to this knowing of what the answer is for me.

    Using critical thought is a behavioral understanding that is only applied when the method of  an “outcome” is desired.  Therefore to me everything else is “as it is – as it becomes” and is; uniquely random.

    To develop an understanding of the work that must be done on earth is to be empowered with the purpose that is required to do it.   To create social change is to understand the environments we move, integrate and create within.

    I guess synthesized information can only come about once aligned with a purpose to identify, retrieve  and collaborate it.  The discipline in balanced life is not to think critically but to know how to act in the situation or environment that calls within the framework.  This is the way I relate theory into practice and say “I’m not a contemporary thinker”  – I am only a temporary thinker; within the freedom of my mind.

    On application of who I am and what I do is not preformed – only aligned with a purpose; and that is to raise the condition of humanity.  I do this through the sanctum of my mind and forficate through the channel of mental health.

    Understanding health issues are not known until they become dis-ease – spiritually understanding as a cultural diversity .

    Hopefully spiritually aligned workers will see that the livelihood to create social change is done through the deeper cultural experience of living in a shared conception of morality – in the way we organize ourselves and the way in which we interact with our environment .  “Cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature”.

    My Values – My Morals – A concept – My Culture

    My Culture is the by-product of my Values.

    Sharon A Stocker 2009

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