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  • textonscreen 11:20 pm on July 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Nature solves Mental Contradictions in Inventive ways 

    Dimensional Dandelion

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    • Kanyi 12:00 am on July 5, 2010 Permalink

      I love it… an exquisite piece Sharon….Nature communicates more than we care to acknowledge…..life is a struggle even for the Dandelion…how much more is humankind expected to overcome as a greater part of the Universal Force of Life and Nature… Your article passed through my heart before it went to my head….Inspired, Informed, Motivated and Involved….who cannot relate to it surely…

    • Paul Westmerland 3:41 am on July 5, 2010 Permalink

      LIFE in all its forms is forever seeking – engaging – expressing … GROWTH

      Mental Contradictions are due to percieved restriction of freedom of choice ~ once it is acknowledged that all in NATURE is Flow with a Positive Spin and that SPACE is extremely dense … it is its Energy resonance in TIME which perpetuates our forward motion … Turning the Cycles …

      From Seeds we Flower ~ and LOVE gives the Power

    • pramila 6:39 pm on October 17, 2010 Permalink

      Well thought Sharon, if we dont (ego) come in between our design and universal intelligence knows what is best for us,and pieces of puzzle automatically falls into right slots

  • textonscreen 11:04 am on January 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Intentions are Messages as Vibrations 

    I really enjoyed the following complilation.  However, the profanity does suggest inner anger at the less positive vibration that; ofcourse is always operating on some level in some time and space.  The time and space was at 6:07 were energy did matter & matter became energy which transmitted as a vibration; negatively.  I think that if “within” ourselves we learn to negotiate instead of compromise we blend a higher intention of living inner greater higher truth.

    I Love the thematic work of the one whom compiled this!

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    • Heidi Vine 3:22 pm on January 11, 2010 Permalink

      Hey Sharon, I luvd the interplay of energy snd emotions clip, very powerful indeed,as u know i prefer contact on verbal communication and find wording difficult to understand at times thank god for the subtitles , as still no volume a lesson being learnt here for sure ! I hope this experience you had with energy wasn’t compiled from my direction saturday arvo as my arena was very interesting around that time? any way always here to share n care as I do trust u mate and my friendship is everlasting on all levels always luv, light n laughter Heidi x

  • textonscreen 10:06 pm on July 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply  



    It is disturbing how the lower vibration for want of the best adverb that describes the falling of the being that was the King of Pop. How those that will never know an understanding that pervades narrow views of natures’ gift to the planet of how this energy finally derailed the most amazing person ever.

    I think of the little children and send to them the energy that their father wants them nurtured with and by and knowingly trust that the family will take care of them. My own children cried as we watched a person, namely Michael Jackson rock the world with his pure gift from god. Anyone to put the person down is to dis-honour a space in them that honours a space in all.

    Some things never are what others perceive them as. The one smile that kept my heart from breaking the one smile that kept my heart beating. When I was down I was never out; because I was gifted the energy of Michael – a true form of eternal light.

    Asking the question – when the next life ascends what would it be? the most joyous childhood … free from lime-light and saturated with sunlight.  More interest here

    MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

    • derekpm 3:01 pm on July 13, 2009 Permalink

      Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

  • textonscreen 4:07 am on May 9, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Full Moon May you Have a Happy Mother’s Day 



    I was searching for the image that would supply me with the energy I needed to transcend today – the day prior to Mother’s Day and the day of the eve of the Full Moon.  I came about the image to the right and knew this was it!  I posted the message of energy for the day at photobucket; whereby I shared the image.

    This is neat! for today; the full moon in Scorpio; May you look beyond the square using creative flair!

    The oRANGE expands from the base place; feeling feelings; expressing them to those of which will ascend you reaching the stage whereby your heart will become forever green.


    Sprinkling joy! moving through … hue by hue … transcending Pure Energy to you.


  • textonscreen 4:17 am on April 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Easter Sunday 2009 

    Went to church this morning. It was great. It was great because of things that I witnessed. A friend previously had been coming and with an artificial limb been impaired by the limits of his mind depressing him into spaces he needn’t be. Today he was not walking – he was sweeping the floor! in gods wake. I am thankful for the new beginning that rise from new moments.
    Imend; says it all.

    It’s not what you do with the egg; its using your egg to fully capacitate new moments! I mean – look what happened to these eggs! would anyone have known that before they were laid that they would become an activity for the whole family to enjoy as one? probably not.

    Enjoy Sunday – really it’s a Fun Day

    Thanks to Wiki who post portable executionables so the diameter can perceive and share them. Image shared at Wikipedia

  • textonscreen 11:07 pm on April 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Representatives of the Global Animal Kingdom 

    How powerful are we really?

  • textonscreen 9:25 am on February 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    The Student Weaver 

    charm-bracelet-1How best demonstrate a working model transitioning from adolescent to adult modeling the correlation of social and environmental factors influenced by peer pressure in society? How the what! do you do that?

    How do students identify habit forming behaviors before the habits are formed without personally being able to identify them? Resulting in the restriction the Mental wellbeing of their future?

    What measures are in place at this level of development to guide, teach, support and roll out demonstrations demonstrating Mental wealth as a critical health issue today for tomorrow?

    Brace yourself! – think of a bracelet …

    All the subjects are there and the links between should create the relativity to “individuality” in life but who teaches what is relative to what? Life is the theme of this bracelet; the links are the knowledge and the attachments should be life’s skills and tools for self-discovery, self-understanding and self-preservation.  But who has time to convey that? this way? too busy.

    I have had to teach my daughter; after understanding she had to be at peace with all the locations of her classes; how to negotiate and balance times for homework, fun and chores. Her day has another aspect other than the previous 3 and that is; school.  High School.  High time for some other factors to start to rise to the height that students need in the adolescent transitional period of their life.

    My point is. For the parents and carers who are not in-touch with the lives of their adolescents who is going to teach them these inter-active skills? – who teaches them how to identify thoughts; string events together and recognize patterns to keep away from harm and seek support – most bored youngsters will try anything once! and hey if it leaves you with a “feeling” that is different to the ordinary of before – then?

    It is stressful not to have a demonstrated working model.  Could you imagine if we got through High School and didn’t know how to pick up the phone and call someone for help when it was required? Or; we wanted to purchase a vehicle and the model couldn’t be demonstrated? – but hey! It looks good?

    When one has a broken leg; one is hindered by the ability to run – when one is  bothered by worry and concern how does one know that;  if not for another’s observance?  Who has time today to observe and proactively demonstrate a working example of “how to set things straight”;  to assume one can “fix” ones problem is a smelly paradigm and it ignorantly takes the power from the person; to demonstrate is the orchestration of identity’s empowerment; which is a global necessity for the future – the youth; our youth.

    For something powerfully simple and fundamentally accurate please think about this and go ahead & view this at this click here.


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