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    Nature solves Mental Contradictions in Inventive ways 

    Dimensional Dandelion

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    • Kanyi 12:00 am on July 5, 2010 Permalink

      I love it… an exquisite piece Sharon….Nature communicates more than we care to acknowledge…..life is a struggle even for the Dandelion…how much more is humankind expected to overcome as a greater part of the Universal Force of Life and Nature… Your article passed through my heart before it went to my head….Inspired, Informed, Motivated and Involved….who cannot relate to it surely…

    • Paul Westmerland 3:41 am on July 5, 2010 Permalink

      LIFE in all its forms is forever seeking – engaging – expressing … GROWTH

      Mental Contradictions are due to percieved restriction of freedom of choice ~ once it is acknowledged that all in NATURE is Flow with a Positive Spin and that SPACE is extremely dense … it is its Energy resonance in TIME which perpetuates our forward motion … Turning the Cycles …

      From Seeds we Flower ~ and LOVE gives the Power

    • pramila 6:39 pm on October 17, 2010 Permalink

      Well thought Sharon, if we dont (ego) come in between our design and universal intelligence knows what is best for us,and pieces of puzzle automatically falls into right slots

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    Resilience & Motivation: A Feed for Another Facet of the Diamond 

    Resilience and Motivation

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    Careful Work in a Narrow Field 

    Two RDNS staff and a client
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    I am not a contemporary thinker –why do you think that? – it is a blessing to have those in life that do challenge ways of being; not criticizing or analyzing just wonderizing.  I woke to this knowing of what the answer is for me.

    Using critical thought is a behavioral understanding that is only applied when the method of  an “outcome” is desired.  Therefore to me everything else is “as it is – as it becomes” and is; uniquely random.

    To develop an understanding of the work that must be done on earth is to be empowered with the purpose that is required to do it.   To create social change is to understand the environments we move, integrate and create within.

    I guess synthesized information can only come about once aligned with a purpose to identify, retrieve  and collaborate it.  The discipline in balanced life is not to think critically but to know how to act in the situation or environment that calls within the framework.  This is the way I relate theory into practice and say “I’m not a contemporary thinker”  – I am only a temporary thinker; within the freedom of my mind.

    On application of who I am and what I do is not preformed – only aligned with a purpose; and that is to raise the condition of humanity.  I do this through the sanctum of my mind and forficate through the channel of mental health.

    Understanding health issues are not known until they become dis-ease – spiritually understanding as a cultural diversity .

    Hopefully spiritually aligned workers will see that the livelihood to create social change is done through the deeper cultural experience of living in a shared conception of morality – in the way we organize ourselves and the way in which we interact with our environment .  “Cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature”.

    My Values – My Morals – A concept – My Culture

    My Culture is the by-product of my Values.

    Sharon A Stocker 2009

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    A Friendship within Companionship 

    50920212_friendshipFriendship is a connection made at a point of time where two threads of information come together connected by an event that both share in common at that point in time.  “We met on the train; she fell over and a CD fell out of her bag that I just love” – we instantly struck up conversation.

    As time goes by and the thread of friendship connects at different points in time – those times satisfy a requirement for both energies to share and become a united one.

    Sometimes friendship is over-rated because sometimes the one of the other should not depend upon the “friendship” to satisfy a requirement when the other isn’t available.  What happens then? Well, what happens then is courage sets in and connections are made to satisfy a momental time of companionship.  This companionship neither is friendship or love – it simply is a connection in time; within the period as a conscious companionship.  When the company is parted; the segment is over – for the time and beyond that period.  People that identify this often think these moments are angelic.  Maybe they are.

    Friendship is a renounceable verb .  Companionship is a connection threaded by a period in time shared as a friendship within that time.  It’s a quantum concept.

    If it were that as children we were enabled this simple understanding then all company would be fine; no expectation would fail our assumptions and assumptions would cease to exist.  We wouldn’t miss our friends because we would understand that friendship exists within a frame – that’s it.  We enjoy the company of others ; however, we don’t own the attachment.

    Consciously continuing continuum within the company of self and always inspired by the company that frequently I am fortuned to enjoy.  Sharon.


    • Ruhani Rabin 3:03 pm on August 19, 2009 Permalink

      Wonderfully Explained! yes i need the threaded friendship for real.

    • Heidi Vine 1:25 pm on August 31, 2009 Permalink

      Hey Sharon just loved how you worded this, my threads have definiately been extended and possibly even stretched over a couple of boundaries enjoyed by all though, and looking always at continuing the company I enjoy with luv n laughter Heidi

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    To those that have followed along the wire …twitterflitter Twitter to here … I read this …. following text and tried to comment … my comment follows after Dr James …

    Dr. James Walton continues his discussion on depression Part 6 of 6

    In the fields of psychology and psychiatry, the terms depression or depressed refer to sadness and other related emotions and behaviors. It can be thought of as either a disease or a syndrome.

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) states that a depressed mood is often reported as feeling sad, helpless, and hopeless. In traditional colloquy, “depressed” is often synonymous with “sad,” but both clinical and non-clinical depression can also refer to a conglomeration of more than one feeling.


    Currently in the process of planning an initiative to support the mental drought that will follow the material depression society is faced with today.  Showcasing complementary therapies alongside the medical model to demonstrate collaboration for peaceful more balanced lives.  Keep in touch – following you on Twitter;twitterflitter thanks for connecting to me initially – please provide email should you wish to share information and evolve the meaning of life through the value of experience. Random information exchange: your comment system doesn’t appear to be working in FireFox – I am transferring the communication to connect via ie. Lets see!


    Well … no … that didn’t work.  I don’t know why.  I posted my comment and a blank screen provided me with no information as to what happened.  To most people it would be a POB with a few expletives and … next.  However, to be sure and have closure – attention to detail must manifest in the physical – otherwise frustration is experienced and later forms in the form of … stress.  The same old same old – nothing works for me.  Everything works – it just takes patience and time – time which most don’t have; funnily enough! that is all we “actually” do have (assuming we are breathing!).

    The comment system on this page doesn’t work Jamesconclusion Pictures, Images and Photos

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    Words are Powerful Tools 

    words-are-powerfulHaving observed an alarming past being subjected to illness; dis-ease I wish that society would cull the word “sick”.
    A lot of primary health care providers use this term; they use it when it comes to consumers and they apply it to youth and children.
    Applying this type of label to children is particularly alarming to me.  Why? Because when a child is unwell – it provides the child with information that: they are “unwell”.  Providing the child with a blatant you are “sick” attaches a very negative vibration which adjuncts as a low submissive undertone.  It implies; just by the word “sick” that it is a full stop.  Well “that’s it” type of attitude.
    To tell a child they are unwell and require help from the doctor as such at least gives hope that the “un” can become well again.  Many will debate the child knows no difference.  Well the child may not until the child is offered the verbiage which he/she will subtly remember and create an association with.
    Sick – sensor intelligence care kept.   Un-Well … before well.  I believe society need to re-think their semantic use of language so that children are free from pre-conditionment.  Save the sick and use some intelligence.  Use depth – use wellness as terminology to raise the hope of children everywhere who need this adult supporting system to gift them hope.
    Words are powerful.  Use them well.  Inspired to write from here.

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    Conceiving Thirteen 

    My 8 year old and I ate breakfast after my newly turned 13 year old daughter had left for school.


    Well Mum “she said” today is officially the day where you could be considered a grand-mother and your daughter is into another conditioned agement called “teenage”.

    Does that mean I should conceive this information and understand that you know what you are talking about “I confidently asked” – thinking “na na” I will get you using my BIG words – yes Mum that is an affirmative confirmative.

    Happy re-birth of values that strengthen each year – birthday of which may occur; birth of new values … as a Mother! – they get uploaded daily! Parenting Sharp Minors !

    • Heidi Vine 3:10 pm on June 23, 2009 Permalink

      Well out of the mouths of babes ! Who would have thought a child with the knowledge of old? could possibly be creating there own values and miracles of life I absolutely loved it … My daughter said to me the other day “you know Mum the earth was made from bacteria and I will tell you how people, trees and land, etc were made! I laughed and smiled and know there is always possibility and I don’t doubt this one bit! what a gift to be the observer of your child’s minds eye. Thank you for sharing beautiful one … stixenstones X

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