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    Harnessing Technology to Improve Mental Health 

    And then I read this ….

    University of Sydney cross-disciplinary researchers are harnessing the benefits offered by advances in online technology to develop innovative programs improving mental health in young people.

    Associate Professor Rafael Calvo, director of the Software Engineering Group at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering and Professor Ian Hickie, Director of the Brain and Mind Research Institute, are collaborating with the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (Young and Well CRC) to develop new online interventions to support young people’s mental health. …. http://anzmh.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/harnessing-technology-to-improve-mental.html

    and this has been my experience,

    17 years (pre 2013)  ago I started experimenting with social media to find others who had the time to make the effort to interface & learn about themselves in different ways.  I learnt things I could never have learnt any other way. Without going into intellectualized language the simplicity was. I needed to explore and examine facets of me to fulfil the rewards of living my life ‘worthwhile’.  The strengths I have emassed have excelled learning’s I have had, otherwise – and contributed so far.
    I have noticed, shaped & organised my positive attributes of resilience, empathy, curiosity, optimism & gratitude in a way that synchronizes the preferred life for me.
    Anyone who has the courage to live their life on purpose moves unbarred in the universe in accord with one another. Thank you Michelle Barton for your invite to Link in.

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    It’s Afterwards … Post! 

    I had a conversation yesterday that made me feel anxious to be a part of, I didn’t realize why until I thought about how my initial choice had given pregnant pauses to many other choices I could have been a participant of – if, only I had of noticed!

    A choice to be involved is one thing, a choice to negotiate in which that involvement could look like … is another.

    I am talking about being involved with the Courier Mail and an interview that came through various links until it panned out as an image being taken with the Minister of Mental Health, Disabilities and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander partnerships yesterday.

    It’s not like I can say, oh, I had a broken leg.  It’s about more than the external stuff; it’s more about the internal stuff that isn’t seen – so how might it be heard?Talking about post-natal depression and how it is to become “why” it was ….. certainly wasn’t about – why did it happen to me?  but more about, it DID happen to me and what did I learn from the experience?

    Kind of a weird conundrum when most things can be described because of the old adage – seeing is believing – sort of knocks the poop out of someone because how do you do that when thoughts don’t come dressed as a broken limb? I had a broken head instead.

    Well, it starts here.  Having the courage to talk about “how having severe post natal depression” changed me? Well, actually it made me recognize that I was living in denial for a start.  I had this really beefed up confidence that I could manage a baby and manage myself.  Boy, how manic–  I had been living the ideology that all my thoughts would actually support me when the baby arrived.  Little did I realize (at the time) that all those thoughts were infact my mind trying to prepare myself for the future – (what a slap in the face)! … I couldn’t live in the past, preparing for the future whilst trying to appreciate now.

    The possible story running in the Sunday Courier Mail 9th October 2011 for Mental Health Week 2011, will link social media and post-natal-depression.  Why? …  because my life was significantly changed when I was diagnosed with PND, no-one really had the time to lend an ear – they had their own lives, their own issues and their own journey – and I had to find the catalyst to explore mine.   So I started sharing conversation online with ICQ, an instant messenger application, (long before Yahoo & Facebook were around).  It was comforting, because people had the time …  and they were in the same space I was in.  An evolving space of trust, fear, ideas and technology.

    No tone, no sound, no volume, no intonation, no physical energy to collide with – just text-on-screen.

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    Conflict & Emergency vs Patience & Persistence 

    Based upon my experiential learning, it’s a tiring kaliedescope articulating the necessity to share my strengths as my value in action.   I get so energetically drained …  life is like playing chess whilst being the board.

    Coming to be at a juncture of reflection, through my experience of trauma I can only offer the following to share my insight.  When a mental state starts to conflict with it’s emotional self the physical self will present emergency … my hope is the transient nature of this will inform faculty into assisting nursing staff on the ground between conflict and emergency.  These cooperative efforts based on mutual interests will respect and achieve so much.

    When we let go of one existence and die – or surrender to something for the unknown –  the invitation into another form will physically manifested again … it’s part of learning to listen to hear – to reconnect & influence righting the understanding from  before  to transcend knowledge from there to here so that humanity can sustain it’s true heritage … it’s a transient culture – some refer it to spirituality – I just know how culture means … an integrated pattern of human knowledge … synergy.


    • Van 9:22 pm on September 29, 2011 Permalink

      My dear friend I know you are there because I feel your awesome energy. I really needed the above because my life is starting over again. I am going all the way back to school. Have had a year of ‘emergency’. The future is bright if I don’t look at the past. Peace and Love

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    Schizophrenia in the Blood? 

    I was reading something that somewhat sparked my interest … the article, on this link was published on a site called  ”Fast Company” … the name itself speaks for itself!  Anyways this is my response to the article … what do you think?

    It is terrible to think that we humans live in such uncertainty and many of us seek certainty which, from my personal experience, severely limits potential to become through our lived experience.  I think that most people who trust blood tests will believe the outcome, and those who have a growth mindset might wonder more and dare themselves to differ with patience.  I know that any sensation is an experience, whereas fear might want me to believe the sensation might be symptom.  I think diagnoses are an essential component of the medical decision making, but like any label, they hold variable phenomena and provide a single lens for multiple phenomena – not all of which may be reasonably attributed to a diagnosis.  And, what’s more ….. the way to diagnose is from an averaged experience of many individuals – but it doesn’t speak to a single individual’s experience at any one moment does it?!



    • Daniel Fisher 7:10 am on August 29, 2011 Permalink

      I think they will never find a biomarker for schizophrenia. or depression. There are as many ways to going into one’s own reality or to conserve mental energy as there are humans being in this world. I agree with you, Sharon, the idea of a chemical basis of mental conditions is very old thinking. We are multifaceted beings, evolving individually and together. I believe we need to find small units of 6-8 dedicated human beings who can build arches of a new, expanded consciousness which will then connect to a larger planetary consciousness, to save this self-destructing world. D.Fisher

    • Moss Bliss 8:33 am on August 29, 2011 Permalink

      This is hardly surprising. We have the old stigma of mental illness being “incurable”, the newer premise that “We have all these new drugs” and the experience that “all these new drugs” actually make mental illness more incurable, so society does not know what to do with stigma. The Australians, maybe more so than the Americans and more so than most of the world, keep things simple and just stigmatize away. This reminds me of the MindFreedom International slogan, “What will you do when they screen for you?” I’m sure when everyone is diagnosed the stigma will diminish, but that will be a sad day, when “Is it time for my medication or yours?” becomes a light joke. M. Bliss (http://mosshippohaven.info)

    • ailsa rayner 8:53 am on August 29, 2011 Permalink

      I am of the belief that as our brain develops when we grow, the brain differences also develop as a response to the environment and reactions to the varieties of stresses experienced. As we are now aware the frontal lobes are not fully developed until at least 25-30 and these are the areas responsible for complex thought and organisation… so we are talking about the early development being integral in our responses to stress and basic responses to survival needs.

    • michael kerins 9:56 am on September 12, 2011 Permalink

      Scary stuff. Even more reason to become strong advocates for ourselves and to work very hard at remaining well.

    • textonscreen 5:35 pm on September 12, 2011 Permalink

      I agree with that mindset Michael. If not we become something of which somebody else decides.

    • precocious lotus 3:05 pm on October 12, 2011 Permalink

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is an interesting article and has been ponder for awhile hasn’t. I agree with you with the points you put across. I think if anything it is about highlighting a possible genetic predisposition and to use as a preventative method. IE susceptible to schizophrenia then avoid ennvironmental causes that may trigger symptoms or episodes. In saying this though I also believe in our thoughts affecting our actions in certain situation so if someone was told of their “vulnerability” how does this affect their thinking about illness. really thought provoking. Thank you for sharing

    • textonscreen 9:44 pm on October 27, 2011 Permalink

      I think its more about being engaged in a process of hope focussed language ~ there are many types of Recovery that exist – including Iatragenic … one that many people will not recover from because of stereotypical ignorance.

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    A Semantic Meander – What Keeps Me Young? 


    I have decided that a semantic re-mix is my interpretation on the comparative ‘romantic tie-fix’ .  I am not being one to attach to belief; the sense in sensibility experientiates a mindful approach to a non-fixed continuum.  What keeps me young? my mindset … beyond the paradigms, the stereotypes and the awkward silence of what someone else expects me to become;  because, to be come, I have already been; there! I was there.

    Human connectivity is so much more than psychology and all the human science can ever imagine to try and articulate & test.

    In fact I think beyond the academic possibility the response ability is about the articulation of it’s unique ability.

    … I tuned tuned into Phil Smith and the positively inspiring dialogue around the life ability of distinguished Centanarians.  I missed her name; but she inspired me.  She talked about having lost her life partner after 52 years together and how she is re-learning at a distinguished age.  Not aged, elderly or the frail, I have to connect with a sense of distinction.  To reach life in distinction will keep me free from attachment to material wealth and mutually connected to a mindset that plays a symphony within the orchestra of life.  I guess sometimes to conduct an orchestra one has to turn it’s back on the past & look to the music to play in the heart as a mindful concerto.

    Have a happy day I am going to be engaged by the energy of Steve Biddulph today – I am the change I wish to see in the world!


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    Gates open to Jobs 

    Mother Board Breaking News …

    Roving reporter Crystal Keys shares the recent rumours that …

    Left brain Bill Gates and Right brain Steve Jobs collaborate their approach, style and communicative approach to deliver the epic design brand name ‘PeerVine’.  Running on the values of authentic strength based software programming the new “PeerVine’ will revolutionalize a platform for users to integrate their learning and adaptability styles to partner with others who want to make a move to a parallel operating system named ‘pairs’ (protocol aligning information resource systems).

    When big names start to collaborate and expand the economic advantage for humanity – humanity starts to understand that beyond windows as revolving doors,  gates will create  jobs in a mindful effort to balance a trade of economies on a sustainable human scale.

    You might ask, did I hear this on the grapevine? apples do grow on trees and pears ripen from the inside – is it time to create a new tapestry? is this the thread of things to come – ‘PeerVine’ breaking the barriers to equal participation ‘online’.

    Publisher interested in:  humanitarian aid, human justice, human rights, social justice.


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    Disconnecting ‘you & I’ exploiting US 

    An awesome event I went to yesterday, where I found myself sitting on the inside rather than on the outside where exit is easiest, … you know if things get boring then easy access to exit is a brief pause away.  A brief reflection around that soon surprised me with … “it all starts on the inside” so I figured I have allayed my curiosity there!

    I found it interesting to listen to a presentation around what ‘viral marketing’ looks like and how the why might satisfy the “I” to be able to behave in a manner that might support a diverse connective audience to evolve change – well, that’s what I thought!.

    Hearing that a sense of belonging is necessary to persue change to create trust I tuned up to hear how becoming involved might look by my auditory participation in front of the presented pitch.  As moments chewed by, the language somewhat semantically disconnected the audience by using the collective “we” devolving individuals into distinct loop hole generations.  Observing this exploitation made people feel better about not knowing how to use technology which also comforted whilst paraphrasing this corker.   I soon realized … by way of type that the audience had been subconsciously sub-grouped by audio into stereo – and there in my head lay the art-of-stereotypical disorder …  how  apprehension vs enthusiasm equals extreme risk pixilation.

    I came away feeling that I had participated (in my own head),  and that the only comfort zone for me is in my bed!



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