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    Conflict & Emergency vs Patience & Persistence 

    Based upon my experiential learning, it’s a tiring kaliedescope articulating the necessity to share my strengths as my value in action.   I get so energetically drained …  life is like playing chess whilst being the board.

    Coming to be at a juncture of reflection, through my experience of trauma I can only offer the following to share my insight.  When a mental state starts to conflict with it’s emotional self the physical self will present emergency … my hope is the transient nature of this will inform faculty into assisting nursing staff on the ground between conflict and emergency.  These cooperative efforts based on mutual interests will respect and achieve so much.

    When we let go of one existence and die – or surrender to something for the unknown –  the invitation into another form will physically manifested again … it’s part of learning to listen to hear – to reconnect & influence righting the understanding from  before  to transcend knowledge from there to here so that humanity can sustain it’s true heritage … it’s a transient culture – some refer it to spirituality – I just know how culture means … an integrated pattern of human knowledge … synergy.


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      My dear friend I know you are there because I feel your awesome energy. I really needed the above because my life is starting over again. I am going all the way back to school. Have had a year of ‘emergency’. The future is bright if I don’t look at the past. Peace and Love

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    A Semantic Meander – What Keeps Me Young? 


    I have decided that a semantic re-mix is my interpretation on the comparative ‘romantic tie-fix’ .  I am not being one to attach to belief; the sense in sensibility experientiates a mindful approach to a non-fixed continuum.  What keeps me young? my mindset … beyond the paradigms, the stereotypes and the awkward silence of what someone else expects me to become;  because, to be come, I have already been; there! I was there.

    Human connectivity is so much more than psychology and all the human science can ever imagine to try and articulate & test.

    In fact I think beyond the academic possibility the response ability is about the articulation of it’s unique ability.

    … I tuned tuned into Phil Smith and the positively inspiring dialogue around the life ability of distinguished Centanarians.  I missed her name; but she inspired me.  She talked about having lost her life partner after 52 years together and how she is re-learning at a distinguished age.  Not aged, elderly or the frail, I have to connect with a sense of distinction.  To reach life in distinction will keep me free from attachment to material wealth and mutually connected to a mindset that plays a symphony within the orchestra of life.  I guess sometimes to conduct an orchestra one has to turn it’s back on the past & look to the music to play in the heart as a mindful concerto.

    Have a happy day I am going to be engaged by the energy of Steve Biddulph today – I am the change I wish to see in the world!


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    Disconnecting ‘you & I’ exploiting US 

    An awesome event I went to yesterday, where I found myself sitting on the inside rather than on the outside where exit is easiest, … you know if things get boring then easy access to exit is a brief pause away.  A brief reflection around that soon surprised me with … “it all starts on the inside” so I figured I have allayed my curiosity there!

    I found it interesting to listen to a presentation around what ‘viral marketing’ looks like and how the why might satisfy the “I” to be able to behave in a manner that might support a diverse connective audience to evolve change – well, that’s what I thought!.

    Hearing that a sense of belonging is necessary to persue change to create trust I tuned up to hear how becoming involved might look by my auditory participation in front of the presented pitch.  As moments chewed by, the language somewhat semantically disconnected the audience by using the collective “we” devolving individuals into distinct loop hole generations.  Observing this exploitation made people feel better about not knowing how to use technology which also comforted whilst paraphrasing this corker.   I soon realized … by way of type that the audience had been subconsciously sub-grouped by audio into stereo – and there in my head lay the art-of-stereotypical disorder …  how  apprehension vs enthusiasm equals extreme risk pixilation.

    I came away feeling that I had participated (in my own head),  and that the only comfort zone for me is in my bed!



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    State Schools Dental Work: Filling in Time? 


    My daughter had a tooth ache on May Day. This is the first time this has ever occurred within our family whereby one of the children has a tooth ache – what to do?.

    Because it was a public holiday I had to explore the options available; ascertain the severity of her pain and reach a decision as to what I was prepared to put up with for the day – or; be patient with. I chose; under the conditions to let things be as they were; suffer the experience of sharp shooting pain – add some momentum to the continuum of care that “me” as a parent does everyday. Have you brushed your teeth love!

    That night I knew that considering the events of the day panned out to be bothersome for my daughter and at times excruciating that I would have to negotiate some plan the next day for action. Sitting with her in my arms reading to her I contemplated my next move – tomorrow …  I had a commitment for a 3 hour period first up  -  I knew I could make a few phone calls to see what my options were considering “Emergency Dentistry” – I knew succinctly that if I called my Dentist my daughter would get seen within the time frame that negotiated fairness to both my commitments, those of my dentist bearing in mind – my little girl; in pain. This option would cost me money as opposed to time;  because at the time I didn’t have the time to spare!.

    The other option that I knew to explore was the School Dentist at our School. The funny thing is that when my eldest daughter was at primary school in Grade 1 – (7 years ago) her dental care in the public system was so fairly managed -& I guess because I was unwell during that period I was unaware of the ‘public system’ taking such good care of my daughter’s “dental checkups” in this aspect.

    The Dentist appeared to be staffed next to the school. Now this is no longer true.  My youngest daughter received a check-up in pre-school and her teeth were fine. They get cleaned 2 times a day and I am fairly observant in giving her a vital balance of nutritious food that is extremely light in the sugar department!. So I figured that check-ups performed through this the “public system” would not stress me financially and I wouldn’t have to struggle knowing that if I did what “they” suggested then all would be good.

    I was given a 1300 number to contact. I phoned them – in emergency. I tried calling a couple of times with the call going to answer machine. This told me; they are; either 1. really busy; 2. understaffed or 3. not there yet. Alongwith the other things I had to align with within my day; I had to make a quick decision now. So, I figured that taking the pain away from my daughter would allow her not to miss any school; and to be confident enough at school to know that; 1. physical pain can be sorted out and 2. you can make decisions about things that happen in life – and lets face it; I didn’t want my daughter sitting in class in pain because nothing gets done when pain is surrendered too. I had to teach her that you feel pain; and through the pain you explore options that make you stronger to take care of the pain. Oh! What a pain … not really!!!

    So; I took her to my Dentist. It cost $200. My dentist is wonderful and I trust her with all my dental work (and I have history!!!). But $200! Wow … heady stuff for a child. But that isn’t my concern.

    Now knowing this information means lots of things to so many different people. I see children at school with rotten looking teeth; is it because of education that they are like this? Or is because of lack of observation from the aspect of social care?. Would they rather take money from the Health system and create confusing methods to deal with the future? I am talking about the social care of families raising children who face difficulty and challenges which brings about behavioural aspects with characters that don’t necessarily support the wellbeing of an infant – let alone a child. The adult tries to cope and the child knows no different. He copes under pressure of a stressed parent. Why? He (the child only learns suppression).

    As parents of children I think we need to take more care in the role of what the Health system has done for us and can do for us. If we support them I think they can support us and our families. If we complain about the “stress in the system” are they going to depress us and say No?

    Make more resources be available for the state schools so they can help prevent a rotten future for our kids mouths! It will only depress their minds! Encourage and support them learn and grow byteethmouse supporting their primary needs at State Schools.

    If we used our mental capacities rather than be limited by them what could we achieve? a reason to Smile?

    We are the consumers of a system;  I don’t complain I have My Say – isn’t that  Okay!

    What do YOU think? would you rather work hard every day and make the money to pay for private care or; lobby for something to be done about it?
    Am I the only one that thinks this way?
    Top Smile Image Shared From Here
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    School Books and … Contacting with non Contact! 

    It is time to go back to school again! … 35 books to cover and 7 weeks later – they are done; finished today. School tomorrow.  You don’t always need to use contact you know! … there is this new product; well not so new! I have already used it! but! … fantastic … plastic sleeve covers – available in 2 sizes that I am aware of.  Easy to use and re-use each year! now have fun with your new contact! me! …

    The girls and I such a good time choosing different ideas for books and different images representing what they love in life. We decided that because this could be a boring job we would exchange the language to discovery and discover how best to put energy into life before it exists! – okay … meaning … when the girls get to school the books are already energized with the energy of their beginnings … so when the book starts being used it already has a memory that is pleasant and activates a higher positive energy for learning … anyways! … herewith … a slide show of some of the outcomes – enjoy!

    It’s a rhythm that seems to be in sync with logic – however prevailing before logic. Love and happiness over … boredom and fear; we found it an interesting time rather than a long time!.

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    See Om Passion Day 2008 

    Displaying the facts upon how we can exercise Compassion on this day the 15th of May 2008.



    About Gustavo Estiven Franco Duran

    Name: Gustavo Estiven Franco Duran
    Gender: Male
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Date of Birth: 6 Oct 2003

    Gustavo lives with his parents and sister in the Dominican Republic where many children still suffer from malnutrition, and a lack of health care and education. Unlike most Australian homes, Gustavo’s home has no running water. So he helps his parents by fetching water, which is heavy work for such a young child.Gustavo’s father earns a small amount of money working in a grocery store. His income is very poor and he struggles to meet the basic daily needs for his family. As part of Compassion’s ministry, Gustavo participates in Bible class. He is in kindergarten where where he especially enjoys drawing. Playing with cars and ball games are his favourite things to do.Gustavo has asthma and is receiving regular medical treatment. Please pray for him and be assured that your sponsorship helps him to live a fulfilled life.

    If you are unable to sponsor a child, you may like to make a donation to Compassion Australia

    Please Restore-the-Republic

    If you are interested in Synergy please do.  If you are interested in solving a problem like Maria – please do.  Don’t want to retire? then Inspire!


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