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    I love the image – it really shows me how being together can mine the wisdom in wellbeing.
    It’s interesting this “The difference lies in the fact that peer counselling is provided by non-professional persons who have a disability.” because, in my opinion I think that non-professional people who have been told that all because they have an illness, they have a mental illness. I like to adopt being a non-Professional, however professionally inclined to share her experience of a life well lived in the face of adversity. My perception of how I am is more about what shift I can make to enable myself to encounter transformation. I am, in my own right my own advocate, I don’t believe I can change the system because I think the system is a silo of individuals that have coutured their own culture & permeated attitudes by actualizing stigma that results in people being marginalized. If work is a job, it must be done. But what if work isn’t work it’s actually an occupational pastime? But that’s my dreamtime. Brave people will seek their purpose in life through working together beyond the dependency stated above. Bravo … keep up the positive attitude to shift into the gear we need for transitioning into new pathways of life. http://onestopmentalhealthshop.com/?p=228

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    Conflict & Emergency vs Patience & Persistence 

    Based upon my experiential learning, it’s a tiring kaliedescope articulating the necessity to share my strengths as my value in action.   I get so energetically drained …  life is like playing chess whilst being the board.

    Coming to be at a juncture of reflection, through my experience of trauma I can only offer the following to share my insight.  When a mental state starts to conflict with it’s emotional self the physical self will present emergency … my hope is the transient nature of this will inform faculty into assisting nursing staff on the ground between conflict and emergency.  These cooperative efforts based on mutual interests will respect and achieve so much.

    When we let go of one existence and die – or surrender to something for the unknown –  the invitation into another form will physically manifested again … it’s part of learning to listen to hear – to reconnect & influence righting the understanding from  before  to transcend knowledge from there to here so that humanity can sustain it’s true heritage … it’s a transient culture – some refer it to spirituality – I just know how culture means … an integrated pattern of human knowledge … synergy.


    • Van 9:22 pm on September 29, 2011 Permalink

      My dear friend I know you are there because I feel your awesome energy. I really needed the above because my life is starting over again. I am going all the way back to school. Have had a year of ‘emergency’. The future is bright if I don’t look at the past. Peace and Love

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    A Semantic Meander – What Keeps Me Young? 


    I have decided that a semantic re-mix is my interpretation on the comparative ‘romantic tie-fix’ .  I am not being one to attach to belief; the sense in sensibility experientiates a mindful approach to a non-fixed continuum.  What keeps me young? my mindset … beyond the paradigms, the stereotypes and the awkward silence of what someone else expects me to become;  because, to be come, I have already been; there! I was there.

    Human connectivity is so much more than psychology and all the human science can ever imagine to try and articulate & test.

    In fact I think beyond the academic possibility the response ability is about the articulation of it’s unique ability.

    … I tuned tuned into Phil Smith and the positively inspiring dialogue around the life ability of distinguished Centanarians.  I missed her name; but she inspired me.  She talked about having lost her life partner after 52 years together and how she is re-learning at a distinguished age.  Not aged, elderly or the frail, I have to connect with a sense of distinction.  To reach life in distinction will keep me free from attachment to material wealth and mutually connected to a mindset that plays a symphony within the orchestra of life.  I guess sometimes to conduct an orchestra one has to turn it’s back on the past & look to the music to play in the heart as a mindful concerto.

    Have a happy day I am going to be engaged by the energy of Steve Biddulph today – I am the change I wish to see in the world!


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    The language of Noticing 


    I have found that to resist something is to ignore that it may be occurring.  My observation is to learn to observe the occurrence of resisting & work with the ‘noticing’ – unlike … trying to resist (or force) something not to occur (when obviously it is).

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    Gates open to Jobs 

    Mother Board Breaking News …

    Roving reporter Crystal Keys shares the recent rumours that …

    Left brain Bill Gates and Right brain Steve Jobs collaborate their approach, style and communicative approach to deliver the epic design brand name ‘PeerVine’.  Running on the values of authentic strength based software programming the new “PeerVine’ will revolutionalize a platform for users to integrate their learning and adaptability styles to partner with others who want to make a move to a parallel operating system named ‘pairs’ (protocol aligning information resource systems).

    When big names start to collaborate and expand the economic advantage for humanity – humanity starts to understand that beyond windows as revolving doors,  gates will create  jobs in a mindful effort to balance a trade of economies on a sustainable human scale.

    You might ask, did I hear this on the grapevine? apples do grow on trees and pears ripen from the inside – is it time to create a new tapestry? is this the thread of things to come – ‘PeerVine’ breaking the barriers to equal participation ‘online’.

    Publisher interested in:  humanitarian aid, human justice, human rights, social justice.


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    Disconnecting ‘you & I’ exploiting US 

    An awesome event I went to yesterday, where I found myself sitting on the inside rather than on the outside where exit is easiest, … you know if things get boring then easy access to exit is a brief pause away.  A brief reflection around that soon surprised me with … “it all starts on the inside” so I figured I have allayed my curiosity there!

    I found it interesting to listen to a presentation around what ‘viral marketing’ looks like and how the why might satisfy the “I” to be able to behave in a manner that might support a diverse connective audience to evolve change – well, that’s what I thought!.

    Hearing that a sense of belonging is necessary to persue change to create trust I tuned up to hear how becoming involved might look by my auditory participation in front of the presented pitch.  As moments chewed by, the language somewhat semantically disconnected the audience by using the collective “we” devolving individuals into distinct loop hole generations.  Observing this exploitation made people feel better about not knowing how to use technology which also comforted whilst paraphrasing this corker.   I soon realized … by way of type that the audience had been subconsciously sub-grouped by audio into stereo – and there in my head lay the art-of-stereotypical disorder …  how  apprehension vs enthusiasm equals extreme risk pixilation.

    I came away feeling that I had participated (in my own head),  and that the only comfort zone for me is in my bed!



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    Resilience & Motivation: A Feed for Another Facet of the Diamond 

    Resilience and Motivation

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