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    A Semantic Meander – What Keeps Me Young? 


    I have decided that a semantic re-mix is my interpretation on the comparative ‘romantic tie-fix’ .  I am not being one to attach to belief; the sense in sensibility experientiates a mindful approach to a non-fixed continuum.  What keeps me young? my mindset … beyond the paradigms, the stereotypes and the awkward silence of what someone else expects me to become;  because, to be come, I have already been; there! I was there.

    Human connectivity is so much more than psychology and all the human science can ever imagine to try and articulate & test.

    In fact I think beyond the academic possibility the response ability is about the articulation of it’s unique ability.

    … I tuned tuned into Phil Smith and the positively inspiring dialogue around the life ability of distinguished Centanarians.  I missed her name; but she inspired me.  She talked about having lost her life partner after 52 years together and how she is re-learning at a distinguished age.  Not aged, elderly or the frail, I have to connect with a sense of distinction.  To reach life in distinction will keep me free from attachment to material wealth and mutually connected to a mindset that plays a symphony within the orchestra of life.  I guess sometimes to conduct an orchestra one has to turn it’s back on the past & look to the music to play in the heart as a mindful concerto.

    Have a happy day I am going to be engaged by the energy of Steve Biddulph today – I am the change I wish to see in the world!


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    The language of Noticing 


    I have found that to resist something is to ignore that it may be occurring.  My observation is to learn to observe the occurrence of resisting & work with the ‘noticing’ – unlike … trying to resist (or force) something not to occur (when obviously it is).

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    Irritating Parents 

    This is beautiful. It reminded me of when I listen to older adults – I hear them speak and I listen; remembering the time when I was very small and before my grandparents died all they ever did was listen to my little sparrow-like voice; continually ask – what is it? why is it? … I haven’t stopped; the interesting thing is when my children ask me these quests for ions I say “there are a million different answers to the same question because each moment holds a different perspective”. What does the video mean to you?

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      This made me cry. How beautiful and yet such a sad reflection of reality.

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    The only way to live life forever. The lyrics say it all and the dance displays the play on the A String! attitude!

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    To those that have followed along the wire …twitterflitter Twitter to here … I read this …. following text and tried to comment … my comment follows after Dr James …

    Dr. James Walton continues his discussion on depression Part 6 of 6

    In the fields of psychology and psychiatry, the terms depression or depressed refer to sadness and other related emotions and behaviors. It can be thought of as either a disease or a syndrome.

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) states that a depressed mood is often reported as feeling sad, helpless, and hopeless. In traditional colloquy, “depressed” is often synonymous with “sad,” but both clinical and non-clinical depression can also refer to a conglomeration of more than one feeling.


    Currently in the process of planning an initiative to support the mental drought that will follow the material depression society is faced with today.  Showcasing complementary therapies alongside the medical model to demonstrate collaboration for peaceful more balanced lives.  Keep in touch – following you on Twitter;twitterflitter thanks for connecting to me initially – please provide email should you wish to share information and evolve the meaning of life through the value of experience. Random information exchange: your comment system doesn’t appear to be working in FireFox – I am transferring the communication to connect via ie. Lets see!


    Well … no … that didn’t work.  I don’t know why.  I posted my comment and a blank screen provided me with no information as to what happened.  To most people it would be a POB with a few expletives and … next.  However, to be sure and have closure – attention to detail must manifest in the physical – otherwise frustration is experienced and later forms in the form of … stress.  The same old same old – nothing works for me.  Everything works – it just takes patience and time – time which most don’t have; funnily enough! that is all we “actually” do have (assuming we are breathing!).

    The comment system on this page doesn’t work Jamesconclusion Pictures, Images and Photos

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    Twitter the Hot Bird 


    Finding it very interesting as I have powered through a few hours of information exchange, writing proposals, planning initiatives, designing pages, forming minutes, collaborating information dynamics and tweeting the odd tweet here and there! and learning how to use different synergetic code to result in realtime results.

    As my digits do the digital electronic tap dance across the qwerty system of my newly purchased keyboard I must log my observations like a nurse on nightshift – silently transcribing typed text into chunks of dynamic lifestyles of the rich, the enriched, the famous and the totally weird!.

    I consider myself challenged life pioneering on lifes’ dance-floor – living on the edge not taking up too much room.   Moments of dimensional time denote so much communication that resonates from many different vibrations and the latest vibration the lower one – yes; the southern vibration that seems to affect the pecker of hot wired hens who seem to have had a few sandwiches short of the picnic.

    I have found that many people put out these tweets that ask you “do you want followers” … kind of odd to me; why would I want the attention unless I was a business?.  Well, I guess that’s the difference to minding ones’ own business … and …. just about to retire my keyboard for the evening I checked my email to read … retirement is not in the vocabulary of the entrepreneur. It’s a word only used by the employed.  Yes, well employed – I guess it depends upon which platform or; in which aspect that employment is in!

    To the tweeters out there.  Someone just decided to follow me; I always check profiles before I accept connection as “termed” friendship.  I went to this contact to find some skanky message that promoted the marginalization of that which we wouldn’t want to talk to our children about because – well – you know; they shouldn’t hear adult talk.  What the! adult talk (a whole other post).

    Anyways – curiosity led me to understand that about 835 people follow.  For those that are reading this; no-one needs to engage in such rubbish and skullduggery that this communication tool has the option to provide.  Choice is the most remarkable tool ever!

    Anyways … an interesting hypothesis to always be aware of.  Good night Irene.


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    Moody Moon 

    Have you ever really thought about some of the terminology we use to describe our moods? If you say that your spirits are “low,” people immediately conclude that you are troubled or depressed. However, an extreme victory or positive experience may cause such a “rush” that you are flying “high” for days.

    Words such as high, low, rush, up, and down can be used to portray not only how we are feeling, but also describe the vibes in which we are living and emitting.493275s8wrn8jsb5

    Everything is energy
    Everything that exists, whether or not you can see or touch it, is made up of energy. From the floor that is beneath your feet to the thoughts that run through your mind, it all boils down to energy, and energy is never still.

    For all intents and purposes, a floor is solid matter. You can see it, touch it and it supports your weight. Seems like it is just sitting there, serving its flooring purpose, but that doesn’t mean that it is still. The energy that makes up the floor is hard at work, moving and vibrating at just the right speed and frequency to maintain its solid structure and physical appearance.

    Thoughts are no less real than the floor beneath your feet, but they vibrate at a different speed and frequency. You may not be able to touch them, but that doesn’t make them any less substantial. Your body also has its own vibrations. After all, there is a whole lot going on underneath the skin that most of us don’t really think about!

    Can you feel it?
    We all have good days and bad, but have you ever really paid attention to how life tends to flow in relation to your mood? How about when you meet someone for the first time and immediately like or dislike them, without really knowing why? Everyone and everything is throwing off vibrations. Sometimes, we are consciously aware of the resonance and frequency, and the intermingling vibrations that either harmonize or repel. Because like attracts like, the vibes that we emit are similar to a mating call, drawing in people, events and things that exist on the same or similar vibrational plane as our own.

    Most times, looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. When we are feeling good about our selves and our lives, we tend to have a bit more confidence and it shows. We are more charismatic, appearing brighter and more beautiful – to ourselves and others. Those “happy to be alive” days are the best. We may dismiss them as luck or a fluke, but the reality is we have kicked our vibrations up a notch, and we are emitting and feeling an energetic boost.

    Harmonize Energy
    When our vibrations are low, we are more tired, pessimistic and can even be mean or depressed. Those vibrations are the energy we project and the energy we attract. This vibe is more likely to cause a bad hair day, get us caught in traffic and possibly top it all off by having our morning coffee spill on us before the big meeting or presentation. We tend to look at the incidents as the cause or source for our state of vibration, but many times it is our vibrations that attract the incidents.

    Not all of us are meant to be one of those happy-shiny people who are bouncing off the walls with boundless energy, but each of us does have a positive vibrational groove. We’ve all experienced that level of harmony before, and with a little effort we can find it, maintain it and even increase it. Like a finely tuned automobile, when our mental and physical energies are in harmony, we hum with personal power.

    Change your Vibe
    Life is probably never going to be easy, but there’s no law that states we have to continually add to the chaos and confusion. With a little bit of effort, each and every one of us can be a little better and a little brighter, which will help clear away some of our obstacles or attract what we need to surmount them.

    If life isn’t going the way you want it to, change it. Put down that never-ending list of everything you have to do, and all the things you don’t have for five minutes and simply focus on yourself. Understand that in your life, you are the point of origin – the place where everything begins. Therefore, the vibrations you project are like a magnet, drawing in things of the same frequency. When you truly understand that principle, you will feel a shift in consciousness and your vibrations will begin to change in accordance with that shift.

    Words like “can’t,” “want” and “never” may begin to fade if your quest is one geared toward happiness and improvement. These low frequency words are powerful, particularly in thought, especially if you believe them. They are heavy and limiting, and what they hold down and hold back is your vibrations – the essence of you. Try replacing them with will, can and deserve, and you have just created opportunity rather than obstacle. Believe those words and your vibrations will increase, lighten… and so will you.

    A Higher Frequency
    Changing your vibes can be fairly easy, but maintaining that shift may take a little practice. Fortunately, there is opportunity in every thought and every action. Focus on the good things in your life, even when things are tough. Visualize yourself as you want to be. Meditate. Exercise. Recite positive affirmations of your own creation or ones that resonate well with you. Absorb the energy of music that lifts you, pumps you up, or brings you peace. Sing. Dance. These are only a few simple things you can do to raise your frequency, but with consistent and conscious effort, you will be able to measure your improvement and success.

    Our perceptions not only influence, but also create our realities. Like a ripple caused by throwing a pebble into water, the vibes we send expand and touch others just as their vibes are flowing and seeking us. Some moments in life seem so perfect. Even though those moments pass, their vibrations can remain. Surround yourself with the people and things that you love and make you feel good and consciously project the same.

    I re-blogged this from a friend.  I will have to install a re-blog gadget for next time.

    Responding to the Above:

    Well now that our vibes have extended and touched all that have been here on this page and participated in being as you have been to share with us. Life is an amazing journey that individually seeks humans being the extension of who they were in their body of past life experience engaged in a new now. I find it captivating how our energy is fused within our life story within our d and a to re-create b and c. Love is living inner greater higher truth – hugs to you Ruth for sharing above and to all here on this page with me … here is a chakra moon with blessings from the store from which image I share … Happy Full Moon June 2009.

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