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    A Semantic Meander – What Keeps Me Young? 


    I have decided that a semantic re-mix is my interpretation on the comparative ‘romantic tie-fix’ .  I am not being one to attach to belief; the sense in sensibility experientiates a mindful approach to a non-fixed continuum.  What keeps me young? my mindset … beyond the paradigms, the stereotypes and the awkward silence of what someone else expects me to become;  because, to be come, I have already been; there! I was there.

    Human connectivity is so much more than psychology and all the human science can ever imagine to try and articulate & test.

    In fact I think beyond the academic possibility the response ability is about the articulation of it’s unique ability.

    … I tuned tuned into Phil Smith and the positively inspiring dialogue around the life ability of distinguished Centanarians.  I missed her name; but she inspired me.  She talked about having lost her life partner after 52 years together and how she is re-learning at a distinguished age.  Not aged, elderly or the frail, I have to connect with a sense of distinction.  To reach life in distinction will keep me free from attachment to material wealth and mutually connected to a mindset that plays a symphony within the orchestra of life.  I guess sometimes to conduct an orchestra one has to turn it’s back on the past & look to the music to play in the heart as a mindful concerto.

    Have a happy day I am going to be engaged by the energy of Steve Biddulph today – I am the change I wish to see in the world!


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    Resilience & Motivation: A Feed for Another Facet of the Diamond 

    Resilience and Motivation

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    Mechanism for Reckonism 

    My observation leads me to ponder at the thoughts the mind can create driving through a mechanism of differing vehicles of control.
    Driving home from school the other morning I was cautiously following a smart little car driving at the modest speed of 60km.  This intrigued me as I maintained the same speed behind the conscious driver. Approaching a set of lights was interesting as we came to a slow stop.  I kept my observation on the lights; a green arrow illuminated and the smart little car in front of me left the conscious observation of the now and modestly drove ahead unaware that the signal to the brain had been muddied by the colour green and not the shape of the sign that signals Go.

    I wondered what was going on in the mind of the driver ahead of me and then realized that they were driving into the future in the mechanism of control.

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    How did you learn to Remember? 

    Children in Khorixas, Namibia
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    If one learned to remember – then when should we do it?  There is one thing about parenting I just realized. My youngest daughter said to me “Mum how I am supposed to remember things that I forget”. I had to think about that because I put myself into the mind of asking that exact question and I came up with – often I don’t remember something; it’s not that I forget, but then who reminds us to remember? How do we remember as adults? We have things in place to remind us, but how often do we rely on part of our brain to recall things that are important and recall those things timely? We have to remember everyday to look at the calendar or the diary; but for children? I pondered that thought and thought – wow; I have not forgotten things – I just haven’t remembered them. There are the easy things like – wake up, get up, get dressed, make your bed, put your pj’s away, choose breakfast – eat breakfast, pick up your lunch, clean your teeth, wash your face, pack the bag – what goes in the bag; homework, library books, get your hat … the list is endless & it reverses itself at the end of the day. To teach an 8 year old child to prompt her memory of things she must be aware of changing conditions everyday – not the fixed; but the changing – for example, … the “wear the dress on Thursday it’s Choir” – but take shorts as well, after school is Cricket – it is a huge dynamic; especially when she needs to be aware of her external world at the same time. No wonder they have random unexplainable sick days! That’s my daily dilemma and my challenge to remember as her parent in a chaordic world.

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    Conceiving Thirteen 

    My 8 year old and I ate breakfast after my newly turned 13 year old daughter had left for school.


    Well Mum “she said” today is officially the day where you could be considered a grand-mother and your daughter is into another conditioned agement called “teenage”.

    Does that mean I should conceive this information and understand that you know what you are talking about “I confidently asked” – thinking “na na” I will get you using my BIG words – yes Mum that is an affirmative confirmative.

    Happy re-birth of values that strengthen each year – birthday of which may occur; birth of new values … as a Mother! – they get uploaded daily! Parenting Sharp Minors !

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      Well out of the mouths of babes ! Who would have thought a child with the knowledge of old? could possibly be creating there own values and miracles of life I absolutely loved it … My daughter said to me the other day “you know Mum the earth was made from bacteria and I will tell you how people, trees and land, etc were made! I laughed and smiled and know there is always possibility and I don’t doubt this one bit! what a gift to be the observer of your child’s minds eye. Thank you for sharing beautiful one … stixenstones X

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    How to Killer Creator 

    Are you aware; how many parents and other individuals, almost exclusively rely on the supposed expertise of authorities? In my homeschooling community there are several stories of how more responsible parents had to take their kids out of school because they were being forced by school officials to take ADHD medication (what better way to suppress creativity). What would Mick Dodson say? Anyway enjoy this clip – I did!

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